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About AromaSignatures

  • Canadian owned and operated
  • Experts in the manufacture of 100% pure and natural essential oil products
  • Innovative aromatherapy product lines
  • Specialist in product development
  • Impeccable quality control
  • Scientifically blended


    Aromatherapy is one of the most powerful healing modalities available today. Essential oils are available in higher quality and quantity than ever before. Essential oils of more healing plants, herbs, flowers, trees and resins are available, opening the way to more diversified and more potent blends and products to assist in all lifestyle needs. Aromatherapy provides a vehicle for people to take their health and well-being back into their own hands. We strive to offer aromatherapy products that are of impeccable quality, easy and safe to use that enhance peoples lives, improve their helth and well-being, reduce stress, focus and activate the mind, detoxify the body, nourish the skin and have a marked positive influence on home and office.

Behind every succcessful product and company are the people who truly make it happen; individuals , who turn their passion and years of knowledge into a tangible reality.

Who Makes This Magic

Dr. Uwe Kreis, director of research & development, and partner Lynn Robinson, international NLP Trainder and master hypnotherapist, have accomplished just this. Their rare combination of science and psychology is what makes AromaSignatures special.

Dr. Uwe Kreis, with a Ph.D in chemistry and over 20 years of research working with essential oils, heads up this unique team of talent, which has created a collection for all life style needs; including scents for home and office, personal care for women, pregnancy line, health and fitness products, spa and skin care line. Other unique products include performance enhancing essential oil blends combined with audio CD's for executives, golfers, traveller's and more.

AromaSignatures is the product division of The Robinson Group Training and Consulting Corp. and we incorporate aromatherapy blends into all our trainings and use it with our clients to facilitate learning, increase retention and improve performance.


AromaSignatures goes beyond aromatherapy to the true essence of well-being.


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