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AromaSignatures - Aromatherapy Product Lines

Aromatherapy product lines

AromaSignatures Product Line: We offer a wide range of products with your health, well-being and scent-sations in mind. Most formulations are available as Massage oils, as Bath and Body oils, Spray misters and Diffuser oils (the pure essential oil blend).

Products to nurture your Body, Mind and Spirit

NEW - Spa line: Detoxifying Blend , Slimming Blend, Rejuvenation, Fountain of Youth

NEW - Aromatherapy for Performance Packages: special pocket aromatherapy oils combined with visualization audio cd's to enhance your performance, learning and retention while keeping you balanced.

Health Care: Improve, strengthen and maintain your overall health and well-being.

Fitness Line: Improve your sports performance, increase endurance and stamina.

Bath & Body Care: Nourish & rejuvenate your skin, set the mood and awaken your senses.

Baby & Child Care: Soothe and comfort the little loved ones.

Women's Line: Unique blends for women only. Special product line for pregnancy also available.

Face and Skin Care: Beauty is healthy skin.

Perfumes: Express yourself through scent - the 100% pure and natural way.

Home Scents: Create an atmoshere or mood for each room of your home.

Office Scents: Improve performance in the work place.

Feng Shui: Unique essential oil blends to enhance all areas of your home and your life.


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