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AromaSignatures - Office Scents Aromatherapy Products

We spend a lot of our time in the office. If your having a stressful day, need to focus to get that project done by the deadline, or get creativ before that brainstorming session. Start using our office spray misters and you'll be surprised how many of your collegues will stop by more and more often and yet you'll notice how much work you get done and how efficient you've become - hey, the next one to stop by may be you boss; to discuss a raise or promotion of course!

The Office Line has a wonderful selection of products to improve performance in the workplace. They assist and support the ability to stay focused and physically energized, they stimulate creativity and relieve stress.

All Office Scents are available as Spray Misters, to mist yourself and your office. Pocket Oils are effective my massaging a few drops on your wrists, temples and forehead, ear lobes and back of the neck. Breathe the scent in deeply for maximum effect.

We offer these five spray misters for your office - and be sure to also take a look at our Executive Magic Package:

  • Confidence Booster
  • Creativity
  • Energizing & Stimulating
  • Productivity
  • DISCLAIMER: These products are formulated to assist you in your office. AromaSignatures does not claim that its products will heal or prevent an illness or disease, get you a raise or a promotion or make you employee of the year.

    CAUTION: If you are (or might be) pregnant, have had epileptic seizures in the past or have asthma, please consult with your physician before using aromatherapy products.

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