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AromaSignatures - Feng Shui Aromatherapy Products

Feng Shui is the ancient chinese science and art of placement. Based on their experience the chinese believe that everything is permeated by life force, which they call chi (in india that force is called prana, in hawaiian huna it is called mana). Kirlian photography is able to make that life force visible, but it can also be felt (did you ever feel the hairs on your neck stand up, because somebody got too close to you?). Certain areas (called bagua's) in our homes or places of business will reflect certain aspects of our lives. If that energy flow becomes disrupted, stagnant or flowing too quickly, problems can be the result. Use our spray misters or diffuser blends to get the chi flowing smoothly and balanced for all areas of your life.

We offer: Career • Knowledge • Health • Family • Creativity & Children • Wealth & Good Fortune • Fame & Reputation • Love & Relationship • Helpful people & Travel • Sacred Space

Our Feng-Shui blends are available as Spray misters and Diffuser oils.

DISCLAIMER: These products are formulated to assist you to shift the chi in your house or place of business. AromaSignatures does not claim that its products will heal or prevent an illness or disease, make you rich and famous or guarantee luck and love.

CAUTION: If you are (or might be) pregnant, have had epileptic seizures in the past or have asthma, please consult with your physician before using aromatherapy products.

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