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AromaSignatures - Aromatherapy for Success
Strategies and Products to Enhance Your Performance

Top notch performance takes skill, but it also takes being centered and focused. That's where AromaSignatures can help. We offer a unique set of products specifically designed to enhance your performance. The more effective and productive you are, the more time you can spend on other important things in your life.

Lynn Robinson as a master hypnotherapist has recorded an audio CD with two 15-minute tracks of relaxation visualization. 15 minutes twice a day is all it takes to get a marked increase in your performance. Track A visualization in the morning or throughout the day will help you relax and then focus your mind, so you can get the task done in record time. Track B in the evening allows to let go of the day to stop the inner chatter and allow you to get a replenishing sleep.

We have teamed this audio CD with unique pocket aromatherapy oils to improve your performance. Aromatherapy is uniquely suited to change your state of mind - fast! Please see our information page for more details on how essential oils work.

  • Executive Magic - relaxation visualization audio CD plus four pocket aromatherapy oils: Take Five (relaxing), Stamina (energizing), Mind Power (stimulating the mind), Inner Balance (centering) and Confidence Booster (strengthening). If you are in a stressful, high-power position this package is for you. ORDER NOW

  • Relaxation Magic - relaxation visualization audio CD plus two pocket aromatherapy oils: Relaxation (relieving stress) and Energizing (stimulating). ORDER NOW

  • Traveller's Magic - relaxation visualization audio CD plus two pocket aromatherapy oils to overcome and beat jet-lag: Wake-up Call (to keep you awake, focused and mentally alert when you need to be in top form; use with track A) and Sweet Dreams (helps you to go to sleep when you're wired; use with track B). ORDER NOW

Improve your performance as a golfer with Golfer's Magic. ORDER NOW

Improve your sports performance with our Fitness Line. ORDER NOW


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