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AromaSignatures - Home Scents Aromatherapy Products

One of the traditional uses of aromatherapy essential oil blends is to change the smell, and with it the feeling in our environment. Incense can be burned, essential oils diffused or sprayed to quickly and effectively change the smell, mood, feeling and energy in a room - for just 'scents' a day.

Enhance your home with these uniquely blended room misters. Each scent has been formulated to create an atmosphere or mood for each room. Creat an enjoyable experience in every room in your home.

All home scents are available as Spray Misters to mist the room and as Diffuser Blends, to permeate your space.

We offer scents for the following rooms (not to say that you couldn't use your favorite everywhere):

DISCLAIMER: These products are formulated to assist you to shift the smell and energy in your home. AromaSignatures does not claim that its products will heal or prevent an illness or disease, make you rich and famous or guarantee luck and love.

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